Saturday, December 25, 2010


God knows if I wouldn't get into trouble I would wish a JFK on this stupid FUCK... I  swear this STUPID FUCK HAS NOT A CLUE!! I did my time in the service and I did it good, but this GAY shit is out of hand. I was in  the Marine Corps and I can tell you one thing. The first time a Dick Blower comes out in the open, well lets just say God help him. All I can tell you STUPID FU$KS THAT VOTED FOR THIS IDOIT, can you tell me what he done while a senotor? what bill has he ever Sponsored? how much experience does he have? My mom raised me not to be  racial and not to hate a person for their skin color, but this STUPID F@#K IS GOING TO BE THE END OF AMERICA..... Like I said if there was ever a reason to do a JFK it would be now! Does anyone know if Oswald has a cousin.... hint hint

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok this is going to be a major BITCH!!! and it will be short since I am half way drunk, well really drunk. I have been on several sites tonight and they all say FREE this FREE that!!!! but guess what, it's not FU@#ING FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Free is not wanting a damn credit card at the end of the freaking web site. I think that everyone should get together and report these damn sites!! Well like I said this is going to be a short blog because I'm DRUNK!!!! HELL YEA!!! I don't even know why I write these damn things, no one reads them. But like I said before, better for me to BITCH here than to bitch to my old lady, heaven knows I don't want to PISS her off. She could cut me off for a month... hee hee until next time, holler at you later, Craig

Friday, December 10, 2010

MEL GIBSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I am setting here watching  a Mel Gibson movie and I just Googled, "What is Mel Gibson up to now". And I just want to say is that BITCH that he was with is. well a BITCH. I would have to agree with Mel. The F#$KING whore was never known until he got with her. And what in the hell has she ever done for a carrier? I can say that she F@#KED her way to the top.. All I can tell you Mel is, lesson learned. Hey Mel if you need some tail go to a stripe joint, pay the bitch, and make her sign a contract not to tell anyone. Keep it real Mel, love ya like a brother. Until next time. Holler at ya later, chowell


Well I guess that no one wants to here me BITCH, but I guess that I will continue since my old lady says that I bitch to much. I just want to give her a break. Believe it or not I really don't have a thing to bitch about today. Oh except this Chirstmas crap.. Thats another story, it just seams to me like it has lost the reason for the season.. and you know what I mean.

Well untill next time, holler at y'all later. Craig

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SOA Season 3

SOA Season 3


Ok Ok I have a new suggestion on road work.. Me and my wife was driving down a road that has just been newly built or should I say redone and the fu@#ing thing had pot holes in it already I mean it was like driving on a damn logging road.. Here is what I suggest about these contractors that get these real high paying bids to do our roads..
If the F@#KING roads start to have pot holes or is just fallen apart the "contractors" should pay every tax payer for that particular county $500.00 each. Because if that was in there contract I would bet you a dollar to a donut that we would not see the first pot hole or just plain ole SHITY work done on our road ways.. Untill next time chowell

Friday, December 3, 2010


OK OK DAMN IT What the F@#K so Nigeria has issued a arrest warrant for the former vice president of the U.S.A ok ok I'm not going into great details because I am tired. Its 4:30 a.m. and I'm about to crash. All I can say is to NIGERIA IS-------- G--E--T    A     F--U--C--@--I--N--G  L--I--F--E  in other words GO  F#$K YOURSELF.. as all ways until next time... see y'all later chowell